This blog is continued from the blog about terrible cherry fish. The road beyond the terrible cherry fish was … terminated. I returned on the same way to route 140 and headed for TAKIZAWA Dam. CHICHIBU side of TAKIZAWA Dam on route 140, FUDOTAKIFUKINHIROBA ( the Park Around FUDOTAKI Fall ) is there. There, you can see the body of TAKIZAWA Dam clearly. I parked NC750S there and took some pictures around.

  • 滝沢ダム下流の中津川
  • 滝沢ダムとループ橋
  • 放流中の滝沢ダムを下流側から望む

In this season, water may be released and the down flow of the dam is almost a white-water than a clear mountain torrent. The landscape you can see the dam body through RAIDENTODOROKIBASHI ( Bride on the Thundering Torrent, usually called the Loop Bridge ) is very characteristic. When I got near the body of the dam, I could find the water-release far. The pavement has been constructed around there but that was closed due to the effect of COVID-19.

I left the park for the body of TAKIZAWA Dam through the Loop Bridge. You can see the picturesque landscape on the bridge but parking on the bridge is prohibited and I could not take pictures. I recommend you to go there and experience the landscape.

The superb view from the body of TAKIZAWA Dam


The photo above is the superb view from the body of TAKIZAWA Dam. The height of TAKIZAWA Dam is a little lower than URAYAMA Dam introduced former. But the length of the dam top is wider and the dam has the almost same volume of reservoir. TAKIZAWA Dam and URAYAMA Dam have the almost same scale and are so-called ‘high dam’. The design looks alike probably because they were planed in the same 1970’s. ( But the completion of constructing TAKIZAWA Dam was later than that of URAYAMA Dam. ) The operation of TAKIZAWA Dam has been started in 2011.

  • 滝沢ダムのダム湖
  • 滝沢ダムの放流とつり橋
  • つり橋と放水と人

The special of TAKIZAWA Dam is the dynamic landscape which constructs of artificial object including the Loop Bridge and nature. It is meaning full to see the Loop Bridge, because the Loop Bridge was constructed to provide the road to ascend the height of the dam.

The end of the solo-touring around the high dam in CHICHIBU


This day I went to solo-touring around URAYAMA Dam and TAKIZAWA Dam on route 140 to take pictures. It is pity it was a cloudy and rainy day. But the superb landscape of the both dam impressed me.

Next blog, I will present the picture taking touring around FUTASE Dam and KAKKAKU Dam that are near from route 140.