Design  ★★★★    The design around the front can be improved.
Engine  ★★★★   It’s enough on general roads.
( More 10 to 20 ps is wanted on tall roads)
Brakes  ★★★    The rear one is a little weak.
Usability ★★★★   The luggage space is supurve.
The position of the filling port can be improved.
Economy ★★★★★  The economic price and the small fuel consumption
are terrific
Price   ★★★★★  ABS, ETC, Grip heaters are equipped by default.

Let me introduce the most detailed impression of NC750S. NC750S is not so popular around the world, but a lot of fascination as a motorcycle can be found as well as the other motorcycles. I will report the most detailed impression of the design, the riding, the convenience, the usability, the packaging, and the interesting point about the mechanical design.


Overview of NC750S

The 2,215mm overall length is a little long and characteristic. This is a result of a little large fork angle 27°. The height of seat is 790mm and I can stand on the full soles of the both foot.
The engine 62° forward tilted looks remarkable. A diamond frame is applied and you can see the main frame in the comparatively lower position, how do you like? The design around the engine, the rear suspension, and the exhaust muffler is well combined and preferable. On the other hand, the design around the front looks a little cheap.

The low style is characteristic and this effect the riding.

NC750S engine impression


The engine of NC750S is a water cooled, 4 stroke, OHC, 4 valves, and parallel 2 cylinders. Someone said it has been designed by dividing the engine of a HONDA car, FIT into 2 parts. Maximum power is 54ps /6,250 and you can understand the low rpm characteristic. The engine of FIT has been already DOHCed, and the engine of NC750S looks one for a car than the engine of FIT.

The maximum power is remarkably lower than that of the other same class motorcycles and this is because NC750S is not so popular. Slow? No. When I ride on a winding road in ordinal velocity, I am satisfied with the characteristic of the engine. In riding on the winding with many curves, the domain the torque arises is very useful and the characteristic is very suitable.

Of course, I feel some dissatisfaction in some case. When I ride on a tall road on which the limited speed is 120km/h (about 75mph), I felt a desire for more 10-20ps power if I will pass the other. There is no problem but I have to accelerate intentionally to obtain the acceleration.

The exhaust sound feels me the power which is produced by a typical parallel 2 cylinders, probably because the design of the system of the intake and the exhaust are excellent. The muffler setting aims the low sound like ‘a big motorcycle’. I can ride in a residential area without an anxiety about the noise.

The impression of brakes of NC750S

NC750S フロントブレーキ周り
NC750S フロントブレーキはシングルディスクのABSです。

The front and rear ABS are equipped with all models of NC750S after Nov. 2018. The front brake is single disk produced by NISSIN and I have been satisfied with the performance. If you ride on a circuit full braking needed, you may feel some dissatisfaction due to the weight, but once I ride on a public road there is no problem.
The performance is enough but I think the timing the ABS is applied is a little too early. 2 years has been passed since the duty of equipping ABS, I think something to improve is still left with the ABS of NC750S.

NC750S のリアブレーキ周り

The rear brake is a single disk produced by NISSIN. The disk is stamped from the inside of the front disk to decrease the cost… I want more capability. I wander if my riding style may be wrong, the rear does not work in the deceleration in middle-high velocity and only the front works. Of course in low velocity, the rear works.

The impression of the luggage space of NC750S

NC750s ラゲッジスペースの内部
NC750s ラゲッジスペースの内部には車載工具とETCユニットが入っています。

The luggage space in the position of the fuel tank is the special of NC750S. Almost all motorcycles have no space for a luggage, the space is extremely convenient. When I ride, small luggage like a camera or a drink PET bottle can be stored and at the destination I will go activities after converting my helmet and the luggage. A large size helmet ( like a racing type ) can not be stored in the space, but my Arai Quantum J is just suitable.

An ETC ( the tall road payment system with a credit card ) is equipped in the bottom of the luggage space of the Japanese model of NC750S. It is a little inconvenient to set the ETC card to the system every time. I do not know the models for the other countries. Some review says the latch does not be fasten well, but do not mind. The latch will be fasten if you weigh on the top of that by your weight.

The space is tank shaped but consists of resin not of metal. The bags which sticks by the magnets are not available. OK, I do not need. The heat from the engine effect the inside of the luggage and it is preferable to keep a hot coffee in a PET bottle. On the other hand, a cool drink becomes warm quickly and food souvenirs have to be avoided to stored in.

I wrote various points about the luggage space, the conclusion is the space is enormously convenient.

The impression of the position of the fuel filling port of NC750S

NC750S 給油位置

The usual tank space is replaced by the luggage space and the fuel filling port is set under the pillion. An attendant who do not NC750S will be surprised ( ,because in Japan an attendant fills fuel at a half of petrol station. ) This is an unique feature but it is sometimes inconvenient. When I have luggage on the pillion, I have to remove them before filling fuel. And the depth of the tank is a little shallow and some carefulness is needed not to spill fuel.

There is a hook for the helmet holder. The wire helmet holder which has loop on its both end is included in the equipped tools. ( The tools can be found on the front wall of the luggage space. ) To use, put a loop through the D ring of helmet, put the loop through another loop, pull the loop below the pillion grip, and hang the loop to the hook. After these, once you lock the pillion, helmet is never stolen.


The impression of luggage hook on the pillion grips of NC750S

NC750S タンデムグリップとラゲッジフック
NC750S タンデムグリップとラゲッジフック。ラゲッジフックは何故か1か所しかありません

Only one luggage hook provided on a pillion grip. When I use touring net that have several hooks, it is very inconvenient. Though hooks of a touring net can hang on the groove on the pillion grip, the size of the groove is a little small and shallow.

Luggage like a small souvenir can be easily put on the wide pillion and the grips. Large luggage like a camping gear is required to fix tightly with a large touring net and in this case I have a little problem.

The impression of NC750S as an engineer

NC means ‘New Mid Concept’ consists of ‘the usability in the street ride and the touring’, ‘the middle class which is comfort with superior fuel consumption’, and ‘high cost performance’. NC700 series were released in 2012. And NC750 series were released with the enlarged displacement of 745cc.

To realize the concept, the luggage space and RC70E with parallel 2 cylinder, OHC engine are proposed. Of course the luggage space is convenient and at the same time effect the design and characteristics of NC750S. To build the luggage space, the main frame is off set to low in the front and risen up in the rear. I can imagine that ( it is usual in this time ) a lot of structural simulations had been executed to design the complex shape.

And to secure the space for the luggage, the engine is tilted largely (62°). This is because the fork angle is large (27°). The fuel is usually stored in the tank, but the space is used as luggage space and the fuel is replaced to the place under the seat. As the result of these, NC750S has the long over all length ( longer than CB1300 Super Four ) and the low weight center. So the design looks like a ‘sport type’ but the riding characteristics is a ‘cruiser’ with high stability. NC750S is a new proposal of the new style of motorcycle as the result of pursuit of the New Mid Concept from HONDA .

The price is very economic and I appreciate the proposal from the engineers of HONDA.

The reason why NC750S does not so popular

In Japan NC750S is used for the big motorcycle license training. ( In Japan, when you take license you have to ride prepared motorcycle by the driving and riding school. ) This is the reason that displacement of NC700S was enlarged to 750cc. ( A motorcycle which has larger displacement than 700cc must be used in lessons and test for the big motorcycle license by the law. )

NC750L ( de-powered version of NC750S for the lessons) is riden by a lot of rider who has the normal motorcycle license in practice. Probably most of them feel ‘power is weak?’ because the power of NC750L is only 27[37]/5,250. This value is of course smaller than other motorcycle whose displacement is 250-600.

The setting ( for the engine, the transmissions, and the position of weight center) of NC750L and NC750S is so different that I can feel the difference easily. In Japan, NC750S is sometimes recognized as a derived version of NC750L which has weak power and this is the reason NC750S does not become so popular.

But the situation in other country are different. The fact is, the convenience, the easiness to ride, and the reasonable fuel consumption are not so attractive for the majority of riders, though they are remarkable advantages in fact. And NC750S does not have ‘history’ or ‘story’ on which the brand is based.


The attractions of NC750S

is the performance that enable me to go touring with ease and to ride on a winding road with fun. The fundamental pleasure, ‘ riding and enjoying all direction landscape with feeling wind ‘ is realized in a higher order by NC750S.

The engine power of NC750S is lesser than that of CB650F which has less displacement. The displacement of engine of NC750S, RC70E is used to increase the torque in low rpm and this method is not usual in a concept of motorcycle engine, but is usual that of a car ( especially sedans ) engine. This realizes the stable and tireless riding and eases a long distance touring. In a long distance touring, I often ride throughout a day and tiredness could cause an accident. The stability and easiness of NC750S provide ‘safe’.

Of course riding on the winding road with NC750S is pleasure. Though NC750S can not race with a supersport or a highend machine ( the most biggest problem is my riding skill ) , I can enjoy riding on a winding road. Passing a curved road banking the body moderately is pleasure satisfyingly. The maximum power is a little low but the power in low rpm is powerful due to the displacement. I think once a skillful rider rides on a tight winding road, NC750S is the fastest.

The economic price is based on the clear concepts. The low rpm oriented OHC engine consists of lesser parts and essentially economic. And, because it exhausts lesser NOx and sounds smaller, the cost for the exhaust system can be reduced. Front and rear brake is single disk ( is real single disk because rear one is stamped from inside of front disk ), but on the other hand ABS is equipped in all model to make sure of security. If you feel this packaging is cheap you can select another motorcycle. But I think it is exquisite.

The fuel consumption is over 30km/l ( about 70mpg ) . So I fill NC750S with fuel after one day touring ( about 300km ) on public road. The fuel consumption is very economic among this class of motorcycles.

I love my NC750S which makes my weekend pleasure!