A picturesque mountain stream you can not see without touching

I toured around Okutama, Tokyo with NC750S again. The first destination I headed for was Fall Hossawa but I found a lot of people to change the destination. I selected another place. There I enjoyed taking photos and walking in a small canyon. Once it becomes popular many people will visit. So I would like to hide the name of the place. The mountain stream there was transparent as the picture below shows. I had refreshed with the fresh air and the sight that have been created by the transparent water.


Feeling like a small adventure

There, the extremely transparent mountain stream have made the canyon in Okutama, Tokyo. You can enjoy the various sight which is consisted with small falls and abysses. Though the special equipment is not needed to walk on the canyon, there is a place where a support chain and a ladder are equipped. I enjoy the feeling like a small adventure.


Beyond the huge rocks

I found the picturesque sight. Here is the sacred place for residents around. I felt something sacred by the light illuminates between huge rocks. I was overwhelmed by the sight consisted with the small mountain stream and the huge rocks. The photo below was taken from the small open space beyond the rocks. The height of the left rock is 100 meters and 80 meters for the right rock.


Photos of the site

The mountain stream have been created the various sight ever. I felt thirsty a little and drank a mouthful water of the mountain stream. I was surprised by the freshness and drank more 3 mouthfuls. In inbound I had to use lavatory but this is a secret.

  • 渓谷入口から2つの岩を見る
  • 渓流の多彩な表情
  • 苔むした岩
  • 昭和のレンズで撮影した渓谷
  • 若葉と渓谷
  • ヤマザクラと渓谷の大岩