The Solo touring for 3 dams a day

Someday, I was planning the solo touring for FUTASE Dam and KAKKAKU Dam. I found that I can visit ARIMA Dam if I rode metro road 53rd ( OME-CHICHIBU line ) from IKUSABATA, in front of OKUTAMA to CHICHIBU. I decided to take the way and started the 3 dams a day touring. Though I selected the way according to my taste, the way from OME on metro road 53rd is the shortest way.

I arrived at ARIMA Dam

Taking photo of NC750S in front of the monument says ‘ARIMA Dam’

There is ARIMA Dam near from halfway of metro road 53rd. You can get there without losing the way. The monument say ‘ARIMA Dam’ stands on the side of the road and can be found easily. The first, I took the photo. The reservoir of ARIMA Dam is named ‘NAGURI Lake’. Behind NC750S, though it is hidden by alpenroses, the monument says ‘NAGURI Lake’ stands.

ARIMA Dam is the first Dam Saitama Pref. Administrates

彩の国 有間ダム
The top of ARIMA Dam is a normal road.

ARIMA Dam is completed in 1986 and is administrated by SAITAMA Pref. SAITAMA Pref. manages 2 dams, ARIMA Dam and KAKKAKU Dam in 2020. ( The web page of SAITAMA Pref., the sluice of GONGENDOU Balancing Pond is picked up. But the height of the sluice is lower than 15m, and I do not count it as a dam. ) The sign in the photo above says ‘State of SAI ( SAI means ‘colorfulness)’ and that emphasizes the fact the dam is managed by SAITAMA Pref.

ARIMA Dam is a Rock-filled Dam with the Central Impervious Zone


The photo above is taken from the body of ARIMA Dam from the top of the Dam. When the glass grows on the body of the dam, the body of the dam looks like just a hill or a mountain. The characteristics of ARIMA Dam is that the dam almost do not have mechanical equipment and water is released naturally from the spill way once the water level is over that. I am sorry that I forgot to take photo of the spill way and I have to do in the next chance. The way left is long and I returned to metro road 53rd. to CHICHIBU.

The spill way is beyond the blue structure in the left side.

The Road Station FRUIT PARK ASHIGAKUBO is my routine rest place

The road station FRUIT PARK ASHIGAKUBO where I had taken the photo of swallow that flied and turned quickly. I found a swallow cares it’s children.

There is the road park FRUIT PARK ASHIGAKUBO on the beside of route 299th near the merging point with metro road 53rd. The parking is spacious and the landscape with clear stream is my favorite. I remember that I took photos of swallows when I took rest there. They had complete their nest and work hard to care their children. The parent gathered the food and feed the children. It seemed it takes a little more time to grow the children to fly. The parents are always working hard for their children.

The red one is my NC750S. Beyond that NC750X, the brother of NC750S was parked.

A lot of motorcycle was parked in the parking. NC750X, the brother of NC750S was parked. You can find that the design is alike each other and that of the rear is same. RGVΓ( probably ’96 type ) was parked and I think if the blue Lucky Strike paint was novel when I write this blog.

After this, I left for FUTASE Dam. To be continued.