I rented Yamaha MT-25 (2018) to see secondhand motorcycles at shops. My mind was a little excited in front of the various motorcycles, but I did not meet with ‘special’. I left for the other shop ‘Sakurai HONDA Pia’ that I found on the outward. After talking about new and secondhand motorcycles, I decided to buy ‘NC750S’ on impulse. The candidates were ‘NC750S’, ‘CB650R’, ‘CBR400R’. Honestly the reason of the selection were the budget, the luggage space and fuel consumption. When I said ‘Oh my impulsive buying!’, the owner of the shop said ‘ Motorcycles are bought always with impulse’. After I truly agreed with the comment, I left for Cape Myogane of Chiba pref. with MT-25.

At Cape Myogane three riders on GSX250R, RGV 250 Γ and GROM had arrived. I talked to them and we talked about the motorcycle touring. They said they would return to the west district of Tokyo taking no express way, because GROM can not use. I returned to Tokyo in the same way and I was caught in a terrible traffic jam from Chiba to Nishifunabashi. I promised in my mind that I never use this route in the same timing.

  • MT-25 明鐘岬にて
    後ろに見えているのは若者3人組のRGV250Γ、GSX250R, GROM。
  • 明鐘岬 - 釣りのポイント
  • 明鐘岬から遠景

MT-25(2018 Impression
I honestly agree with the design. Yellow blighter than the traditional Yamaha Lemon Yellow is painted on the tire wheels and the fuel tank. That is cool. The height of seat is enough low for me to stand on both whole feet. Of course, body is very light to move.
I imaged a relative lower rpm characteristic for the engine with the parallel 2 cylinders. My imagination is different from the fact. Yamaha engine has high rpm characteristics on MT-25. The torque is thin for the lower than 4000rpm, and 4000-6000rpm is normally used in a town. But rpm rises quickly and I feel no problem.
On an express way, the range of 6th-7000rpm is often used. You can use the higher range and never feel dullness. But I felt some fatigue to cruise with in the higher range. The best way to enjoy with MT-25 should be riding on the winding road with the 6000-9000rpm range, I image.