The last weekend in January, we went to the wakasagi smelt fishing on the ice at lake Matsubarako, Saku, Nagano. Because fishes eat a bait in early morning, we left Tokyo in the evening of previous day and stayed the 2nd house that our colleague owns. Next morning we left for lake Matsubarako in the early morning. Lake Inako, lake Choko and lake Otsukiko are sometimes called together as lake Matsubarako. Sometimes lake Inako which is the largest in the 3 is called ‘Matsubarako’. Due to warm winter, the ice on lake Inako was not enough thick. We fished on the ice on lake Choko.

  • 結氷した松原湖
  • 長湖氷上釣り全景
  • 氷上釣りの釣果
  • 氷上釣りの釣果
  • ワカサギの天ぷら

The wakasagi smelt fishing was very difficult for me because I usually fish on sea. I caught several touches of fish but I caught only one fish ( topmouth gudgeon ). 5 colleagues fished together and caught one wakasagi smelt and one topmouth gudgeon. We brought them to the rod rental shop and staff served several tens of fried fishes.

  • 胡桃蕎麦
  • そば打ちのまな板
  • 千曲錦の看板
  • 酒造の風景

We choose soba ( = a buckwheat noodle ) for lunch after the fishing. Soba is the specialty of Saku as the harvest of the climate and the clear water. We felt smell of the shell of buckwheat and it tasted delicious. After the lunch we went to the brewer of Japanese Sake, Chikumanishiki-shuzo to attempt and buy their product. I was a driver and can not check the taste. At diner I drunk them. It was decided to taste very good.


Impression of NISSAN SERENA
This time, we rent NISSAN SERENA. This car is suitable for several people to travel together and is not for a fun driving. So to write a driving impression of the car is a little mean but I would like to do.
First, the relationship between the seat position and the dashboard arrangement is not good. After the adjustment of the height of the seat and that of the stirring wheel, meters are difficult to be watch. Second, the engine power is short for the body size. Third, the suspension is so weak that the dumping ability for the roll of body. Is it a too severe impression for a rent car?
The fuel consumption was about 13km/l and not so good.
NISSAN SERENA is sold mainly in Japan and be popular. But I do not recommend, honestly.