Someday, I went for solo touring to OKUTAMA. It was a late spring day and the landscape of a yellow green on a valley and mountains was impressive.


The river in the picture is AKIGAWA River and the mountains in OKUTAMA can be seen beyond the valley. The valley was beautiful and at the same time the landscape that the mountains overlap each other were impressive. I rode on the route 411 for OKUTAMA and I could see OGOCHI Dam in my left hand side.


From the route 411, the emergency channel of OGOCHI Dam was seen nearly. It was so large that the photo above does not express the scale of the dam. Once I rode beyond OGOCHI Dam, I reached the lake side of OKUTAMA Lake. I found the wild cherries blossom.


After I had been satisfied with the yellow green landscape and the wild cherries blossom, I returned home.