Month: February 2020

Solo-touring in the east coast of Boso Peninsula(with NC750S)

It was cloudy day the last Saturday, I went to solo-touring with NC750S. The route was Tokyo – Chiba city – Ooamishirasato ( Shirasato Beach ) – Katsuura – Kamogawa – Mt. Kano – Kisarazu – Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line – Metro road 318.

冬の白里海岸 風景は素晴らしいものの人気は少なく寂しい感じがしました。

I would go to Kamogawa via Chiba city using tall-free road first, but I changed the destination to ‘Shirasato Beach’ when I saw the city name ‘Ooamishirasato’ ( = white village with large fishing net ). Though it was a windy, cold and cloudy day, the landscape in the beach was impressive.

美しい貝殻@冬の白里海岸 白里海岸で足元を見ると美しい貝殻がたくさん落ちていました。砂と貝殻(の破片)の混じった砂浜でした。

The atmosphere on Kujukuri Beach reminded me that of Ookinohama in Kochi pref., Japan where is near the place I had grown up. I saw the beach for the first time, but the sight made me remember the time when I was a child.

冬の御宿町中央海水浴場 九十九里浜一帯は日本でも有数のサーフスポットです

I arrived at Central Beach of Onjuku Town, after passing Ohara and Iwawada Peninsula. You can enter sea water in several ten seconds from the parking lot. A lot of people were enjoying surfing even in Winter. The sight is terrific and the road around there is the best touring road if it was fine.


It was 15:00 at Onjuku. I decided to return via Kamogawa, Kururi, Tokyo-Bay Aqua-Line. I have a little time and I went through the winding road of Mt. Kano.
I took Pref. Road163 to go down from Mt. Kano. The road is a nice winding road but damages by the typhoon still remain in Feb. 2020. I took care of the road conditions, returned home via Tokyo-Bay Aqua-Line and Metro Road 318.

NC750S@冬の白里海岸 こうやって見るとキャスター角は確かに大きいのが分かります。

Impression of NC750S today

The tall-free road between Tokyo and Chiba is always crowded. I thought that it may be less crowded due to the effect of COVID-19 but route 357 was crowded. So I could not think about the impression.
After I went beyond Chiba city, the jam disappeared. I ride to Shirasato Beach through the road beside of which houses are seen. No cowl nor windscreen is not equipped on NC750S, I have to take care of the visor of helmet when it winds with sand or rains.
In the just front of Shirasato Beach there is a parking lot. From the road to there road is paved but a part of the road is buried naturally by winds in a off season. On the situation like this, the low weight center of NC750S is demerit. If an off-road motor I can slide the tires intentionally to pass, the rear tire stuck a little unintentionally.
After Shirahama Beach I rode with pleasure and got to the view point on Mt. Kano. After that I got home via Tokyo-Bay Aqua-Line and metro road 318. The average fuel consumption was over than 30km/l. This is the absolute advantage of NC750S.

Camellia seeing on Izu Oshima ( traveled by the hydrofoil )

I have been to Izu Oshima ( an island in Tokyo ) to enjoy fishing and seeing camellia fully blooms in 22-24 Feb.


Topic of the fishing is skipped because I did not take photos. I have taken a lot of photos of camellia blooms in the camellia garden in OSHIMA METROPOLITAN PARK in the morning to early evening in Feb. 24. The camellia garden is very famous as one of the finest camellia park in the world. I digested the photos in the slider below. You can see the other camellias in the site 「写真の椿園」(Camellia garden by photos)

We took the hydrofoil operated by Tokai Kisen Co. from Takeshibasanbashi Tokyo. The ship called up Tateyama port and arrived at Okata Port, Izu Oshima. It took 120 minutes from Takeshibasanbashi to Okata. Feeling during the trip is very comfortable with out pitch nor roll even if outer sea is a little tidy. And the best attraction of the travel with the hydrofoil is the early arrival.

  • ジェットフォイル アイランド愛
    ジェットフォイル アイランド愛 時速80kmで航行する米国Boeingが開発したジェットフォイルBoeing929です。愛はBoeing社製ですが同型の新しい船は川崎重工製です。
  • 東京湾のガントリークレーン
  • 館山港と館山城
  • ジェットフォイルから洲崎灯台

We rented a car for moving around the island. If you will enjoy fishing, you have to rent ‘a car for fishing’. This time the car was SUZUKI Every VAN (10th generation 1999-2013).

スズキ エブリーバン( 1999–2005 )

Impression of suzuki every van

This kind of cars are not for an impression… The car was equipped with new tires and there was no problem at the place where I had been stuck once. Oops, this is not the impression of the car.
The first impression was the lack of power of NA657cc engine. If I could use a manual shift, the problem may be avoidable. But the car have a 3AT shift and full throttle was needed to drive on an up slope in a constant speed with three adult passengers. They drive slowly in the island, but I had to pay attention to cars behind.
Of course no problem happened and we enjoyed the travel fully.

Solo touring to Okutama with NC750S

Because it was so warm that I have lesser anxiety about a frozen road, I went the solo touring to Ogochi dam and Okutamako lake.


Colors on the mountains had been lost after the leafs fell. On the other hand, you can enjoy ‘animal watching’ in this season. There are many dears and Japanese macaques, but it is difficult to find them in then leaf-full season. You can see a little space in the right side of the father tower, there were…


I think they can be seen even in the leaf full season because they are so near. But I imagine that in the leaf full season they can feed themselves around the top of the mountain and they seldom get near.


The sacrifice in the building Okutamako lake and Ogochi dam is that 87 people were killed by the accident and 1000 families were forced to move. We thank them that they had built the stable water supply of Tokyo and the beautiful sight.


Impression of NC750S today
I miss took the way for Okutamako lake. I would take Okutamashuyu road for the outbound but took metro road 5 and route 411 to Okutamako.
For inbound, I took Okutamashuyu road. The pleasure full winding roads continued and I do not have to feel fear aboud frozen road too much, but I reminded the safety riding with moderate speed. I rode with remembering and wandering that is the trigger of a cornering the timing after the deceleration is finished to release the brake and the center of weight return on rear tire? I am not so young that I can ride only with reflexes.
I found the reason why NC750S has the cornering characteristic that the front does not cut in the corner. This is because that the total length of NC750S (2215mm) is longer than CB1300(2200mm). NC750S has a low center of weight and long length, it looks like a cruiser. It is natural in a sense.


Jogasaki Beach (touring with NC750S)

I spent my holidays for skiing and fishing wakasagi smelts using the car and shinkansen, but today I rode NC750S for one day touring. After wandering the destination, I decided to go Ito through metro route 311→Tomei exp. way→Odawara-Atsugi exp. way→route 135 to take photos of camellia in the camellia garden of Komuroyama park.
In this season, the various events like the plum festival in Atami and the Kawazu cherry festival in Kawaze are held and I was caught in the traffic jam at the Odawara side exit of Ishibashi IC of Odawara-Atsugi exp. way to Seisho bypass. I change the route to national way before Ishibashi IC to avoid the jam. I enjoyed the sight of the full-blown Kawazu cherry on the both side of the road from Atami to Ajiro, Kawana and Futo. I changed my mind that the destination should be Jogasaki Beach.


Jogasaki Beach is a rugged rocky beach and is not suitable for swimming. The sign shown in picture below is built at Igaigane parking lot. From here, you have to walk through the road in the forest about 10min to reach the beach line. When you reach the beach line, your sight spreads rapidly and in the front of you, you can see Izuoshima island.

伊豆大島が見えていました が少しかすみ気味でした
  • 河津桜
  • 梅(城ケ崎にて)
  • 太郎冠者(城ケ崎にて)
  • ヤブツバキ(城ケ崎)

In this season you can see Tarokaja and Yabutsubaki ( both of them are the kind of camellia ) bloom fully. At Izu peninsula, you can enjoy seeing plums, (Kawazu) cherry and camellia blooming at the same time in this season.

NC750S エンジン・シート下燃料タンク・リアの足回りがほぼ同じ高さに配置されているのがよくわかります。

The Impressions of NC750S Today
I had some anxiety when I started the engine for the first time in three weeks, but it started normally. It was usual that the idling rpm is a little high until the catalyst of the exhaust get warm. Is the reason why the time of the higher rpm due to the cool temperature?
I found that I did not turn on the grip heater after riding a little and feeling chill in my hands. I think it is more convenient if the grip heater should recover the status before the engine stops.
From Tokyo to Jogasaki is about 150km in one way and I can go and return without the fuel supply. This is a convenient point due to the good fuel consumption rate.
Manazuru read, route 135 and prefecture road 740 are can be selected to go through from Yugawara to Manazuru. I selected route 135 for the outbound way and prefecture road 740 for in bound way. You can enjoy pleasure winding road on prefecture road 740. I also enjoyed the time I had no car and motorcycle in front and rear of me with the theme that I do not prevent the natural motion of front tire.
The averaged fuel consumption rate was 31km/l.