I had not toured around the east area of Kanto district so many time and this time I decided to go to ‘Kasumigaura’, the 2nd largest lake in Japan with NC750S. I rode from Tokyo on the route 6th. I could see Mt.Tsukuba on the way but it was too far away and could not drop in.
I crossed Kasumigaura on the Kasumigauraohashi bridge of the route 354. I took the photos of the picturesque landscape and crossed Kasumigaura to took rest at ‘Road Station Tamatsukuri’. I bought ‘Koipakkun ( burger put in carp patty ) for lunch. It was delicious and I was very satisfied.

  • 霞ヶ浦大橋を堤防より望む
  • 霞ヶ浦から筑波山を望む
  • 田んぼとNC750S
  • ノスタルジック霞ヶ浦

Kasumigaura is the biggest fresh water fishery site in Japan. Koipakkun ( the carp burger ) is one of a product of the harvest. And at the same time, it means that wild life around the lake can enjoy the rich nature. A several number of snowy heron walked around the rice field harvested and rested on the top of an utility pole. In winter in Japan, snowy herons are usually seen in country side. But for me who lives in metropolis where human is the only animal, I was impressed to see a comparable large bird flies and looks for feed.

  • ダイサギ着陸直前 霞ヶ浦にて
  • テントウムシと幼虫の喧嘩
  • 鯉パックン
  • 霞ヶ浦の南側を望む

Impression of NC750S
NC750S kept good condition in the last touring in 2019. It is cold and the oil viscosity is suitable due to the low temperature and the rotation of engine felt to be smoother than ever. There was some traffic jam on the route 6 and I ride next to HONDA Cross Cub110 for sometime in the jam. After I reached to the route 354 the traffic got fewer and I could enjoy my pace riding. On the usual road there is no chance to use 6th gear. My appreciation is the exhaust noise which is sounded with 2500~3500rpm in 4th-5th shift in which the speed reaches 50 mph.
To arrive home before it will get dark, I took Joban Expressway from Chiyodaishioka IC to Tokyo and took the C2 of Metropolitan Expressway. In the path, I could ride with 3000rpm-3500rpm in 6th shift and I reconfirmed the pleasure of riding with NC750S in the rpm area.
The fuel consumption was better than 30km/l even after the traffic jam on route 6.